2023-2024 Marauders 15AA
The new 15AA Marauders hosted an unforgettable evening of entertainment in support of the Martensville Community Recreation Centre, KidSport and their hockey team. A big THANK YOU to the Mauraders for donating $2500 to the MCRP!
Martensville U11A Villians
Thank you to the Martensville U11A Villians for donating $150.02 to the MCRP!
Hockey Draft 2022
On Saturday, April 29, the Martensville Community Recreation Project (MCRP) presented the City of Martensville with a $1,475,000 cheque at the group’s annual Hockey Draft fundraiser. The money is in addition to the group’s previous donations of $150,000 in 2018 and $75,000 in 2019. The funds are to be put on reserve for the city’s...
Martensville Marauders
Thank you to the Martensville Marauders U11 Bandits for donating $291.76 to the MCRP!
2020 Bantam Villains
Thank you to the Bantam Villains for donating $36.65 to the MCRP!
We LOVE the people & businesses in our community! We just received a $200 donation from Kerrilynn at Affinity Credit Union in Martensville. When Kerrilynn’s employer asked who she wanted to donate the money to, she chose the MCRP! THANK YOU Kerrilynn & Affinity Credit Union!
Thank you to the Initiation Bulldogs who donated $213.76 to the MCRP!
We are so touched by the personal donation Braylon sent us. $25 out of his own pocket. Thank you Braylon! It’s people like you who make this community so great!
We received $272.75 from the MMHA 2017-2018 Initiation Teams. The group donated the proceeds of their Initiation Fun Day that was held on February 3rd. Thank you!
Our 4th Annual Hockey Draft was another successful event. With 28 teams and over 200 people in attendance, our community raised $12,602.15! Thank you!!!
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