Affinity Credit Union
Affinity Credit Union - Photo credit: David Stobbe
The MCRP is grateful for the Affinity Martensville Advice Centre’s 7 years of support and total contributions of over $12,000 towards the new multi-purpose recreational facility! This support is a combination of corporate funds and employees’ personal donations with a total of 16 different gifts. We were proud to nominate Affinity Martensville Advice Centre for...
We LOVE the people & businesses in our community! We just received a $200 donation from Kerrilynn at Affinity Credit Union in Martensville. When Kerrilynn’s employer asked who she wanted to donate the money to, she chose the MCRP! THANK YOU Kerrilynn & Affinity Credit Union!
Through Affinity Credit Union’s District Council Funding they donated $9017.88! Thanks so much!!! It was first supposed to be $7700.00 but the all the employees at the Martensville Branch through in more to grow it to the $9017.88.
Through Affinity Credit Union’s Community Spirit Donations employees are allocated $200 to be donated to the Charity of their choice. Trevor Hanley, Teena Strunk and Mike McLeod donated their $200 each to the MCRP for a total of $600. Also every 2nd Friday is Causal Day at the Martensville Affinity Branch. They pay $5 to...