Donor Story: John & Rita Mathison

John & Rita Mathison Donate $100,000 to the New Recreation Centre

John & Rita Mathison

Left to right: John & Rita Mathison. Photo credit: MAC Photography

John and Rita Mathison have led a quiet presence in the Martensville area for over 35 years. Their peaceful acreage is just south of the City they’ve watched grow and grow. John played
hockey for years in the area. They’ve owned and sold businesses in and around Martensville. Today, they enjoy seeing their grandchildren being raised in the same community and want
more recreation opportunities for all children.

“With the growth of the community, Martensville needed this new recreation centre 10 to 15 years ago,” said John. “It’s very important for kids, big or little, to have something active to

“We want a place for kids to go and they can stay off streets,” said Rita. “Lots kids can play soccer year-round. Soccer’s affordability offers families and kids that recreation option. The
new recreation centre makes this possible for so many families.”

John and Rita are now making the dream for a new recreation centre a reality: they are generously donating $100,000 to the Lace ‘Em Up Campaign to help build the new Martensville
Recreation Centre.

“When you can give, it’s important to give,” said John. “We’ve had businesses in and around the community over the past 35 years. After selling them, it’s time for us to give back.”

“We didn’t always have enough money to donate, now we do,” added Rita. “We hope our gift can motivate others to consider what they can give. Every gift of every level matters.”

In addition to the full-sized turf, the new arena was a big draw for John and Rita to support this project, as more ice creates more access so more kids can participate and for more focus on higher tier hockey. The indoor playground and climbing centre create even more opportunities for active play for kids. The location also appealed to the Mathisons, as it helps develop the west side of Martensville. They quickly saw how easier access, more regional community reach and helping to generate more business for Martensville are all part of the vision for the new centre.

“This new recreation centre will be here for a long time,” said Rita. “It will go a long way in helping kids with mental health and social interaction, through sport and play.”

In addition to their donation, John has also given substantial time and as an integral volunteer, helping the team to fundraise over $3.8M for the Lace’ Em Up Campaign fundraising campaign.

“John’s volunteering was instrumental to the campaign’s success,” said Ahlana Ehalt, Co-Chair of the Lace ‘Em Up Campaign. “Day one, he and Rita committed this significant gift. Day two, John hit the pavement, asking numerous people to support this project. We’re grateful for this support.”

“John and Rita exemplify community and the power of giving back,” said Mayor Kent Muench.

“The City thanks the Mathisons for their generous gift to this project and we thank John for his countless hours of volunteering.”

“We are happy to be able to donate, happy to help out,” said John. “We hope sharing our story helps motivates other to give too.”

The City of Martensville and the MCRP thank John & Rita Mathison for their generous gift.