Donor Story: Williams Family

Canwest Commercial & Land Corp in conjunction with North Prairie Developments and the Williams Family

“Communities like Martensville thrive when everyone can work together for a common goal.”

Williams Family

Left to Right: Tyler Williams, Angela Williams, John Williams, Bernice Williams, Andrew Williams. Photo provided by the Williams Family

The Williams Family, North Prairie Developments and Canwest have been helping build their community for over thirty years. Now with a generous land donation valued at $5,000,000 , they are helping to build the new Martensville Recreation Centre which will reside in the heart of the new Trilogy Ranch development in the commercial retail area.

“As a family and a group of companies, we are just thrilled to be able to help out,” says John Williams, Canwest President and CEO. “Martensville is a great community-minded city, with unrelenting enthusiasm from the Mayor Muench and Council, City Administration and the MCRP. How can we not be part of this project?”

The Williams family created both North Prairie Developments and Canwest Commercial & Land Corp., growing these two sister companies over three decades. They are true Prairie People and promote Saskatchewan business whenever the opportunity arises.

“Giving back is entrenched in our family and corporate values,” says Bernice Williams, Business Partner with Canwest and North Prairie. “We are grateful to all of our staff and the trades we partner with who make developments happen every day.”

One of their top priorities is giving back to the communities and the people who have supported them over the years. They have supported several large initiatives including the Martensville Aquatic Centre, Martensville Athletic Pavilion, Kyle Syrenne Skatepark, Gordie Howe Sports Complex, Merlis Belsher Place, Remai Modern, Brett’s Home, Jim Pattison Children’s Hospital, Ronald McDonald House, St. Paul’s Hospital and many other worthy causes. Their contribution to this Martensville project is their largest contribution to date for a single project and reflects their long-standing relationship with Martensville for almost 30 years.

As to what further drew their interest to this project, John says “We certainly saw the need in the community for a much larger scale recreation centre, like other communities. This new centre fits so well with the Trilogy Ranch and the future commercial development. It’s a testament showing how we can all work towards common goals.”

The family believes keeping youth involved in sports is important, stemming from their own children and grandchildren’s participation in hockey and soccer. They see the impact this new centre – “the social centre of the community” – will have on the well-being of everyone in the region and especially the children. 

They also are strong supporters of the overall planning with The Saskatoon North Partnership for Growth (P4G) which paved the way for more regionalized facilities like this one. “When we share as communities, we have the ability to do more,” says Bernice. The Williams Family, Canwest and North Prairie thank the Federal and Provincial Governments for the Investing in Infrastructure Canada funding for the new centre.

“We are also thankful for the local donors who contributed so generously,” says Bernice. “Congratulations to everyone who has worked so hard to make this project happen.”

“We can’t wait to see the finished project and how Martensville evolves again,” adds John. “All I can say is ‘Go and grow Martensville’ once again and have fun doing it!”

The City of Martensville and the MCRP thank the Williams Family and all the staff at North Prairie Developments and Canwest.