Ultimate NHL Loser Pool

Ultimate Loser PoolHere’s your chance to win $1000 by choosing the LOSER!

Pool Registration is now closed. Good Luck to all participants!

How it Works:

  1. $20 gets you into the Ultimate Loser Pool.
  2. All you have to do is pick 1 team to LOSE on January 14th.
  3. If your Team LOSES in Regulation or in OT, you advance to Next Saturday’s Games.
    If your Team Wins or goes into a Shootout you are Eliminated.
  4. We go until there is a Final Winner (or in our case Loser) who takes home $1000!!!

How to Participate / Rules:

  1. Register your email address above and click the ‘Pay Now’ link. A $20 fee via PayPal gets you added to the pool. Registration closes January 9th.
  2. Between Jan 10th-13th, www.ultimatesportsfundraiser.com will send you a notification email with your login information. You will use these login credentials to make your weekly LOSING selections if you are still alive after Jan 14th’s games.
  3. Participants will receive a Pick Reminder E-mail on Wednesdays and a Results E-mail on Sundays, showing how many were eliminated on Saturday.
  4. Participants will make their selections ONLINE 24/7, BUT must have their selection made prior to the Friday 11:59pm (MST) Cut Off! NO EXCEPTIONS. You are automatically eliminated if you do not pick a team.
  5. To get started…choose your 1 LOSING team from the list below. (You cannot pick the same team twice! You must pick a different team every week!)  And register above…good luck!!!

For any questions, please contact ahlanaehalt@gmail.com.

January 14th Games:

january14-gamesto all